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Web Analytics

Web and Google Analytics

We use Web and Google Analytics to identify customer sources and growth opportunities.

So your monitoring the traffic to your site, and the sales made online, or the contact us form enquiries… but what happens in between? We take a closer look at your website traffic using Web and Google Analytics and identify key areas to improve your site and increase revenue.

How are customers finding you? Where are they from? Where are your sales coming from? What pages are they most interested in? How does traffic flow through your site? Where does it leave? What pages could you improve?… Web and Google Analytics data gives you a wealth of information about your website traffic, but what information is the most important for your business? We can identify that, and set up some simple reports to monitor it.

They key to successful use of your Web and Google Analytics data is carefully choosing the relevant metrics to measure revenue generating activities and identify opportunities. We are Google Analytics IQ and Google Analytics Academy Certified, we know how this works, so you don’t have to.

We identify goals for your site based on your business objectives, and set them up in your Google Analytics Account. We set up simple reports to measure the data relevant to your business objectives and goals. These can be emailed to you regularly, so you know how your site is performing.

Contact us today to take a closer look at your website traffic.